VVAA “Our Way” [rwclub018]

Jun 19, 2013   |   Club Releases
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Yes, this is the last reference of the label, and we want to leave the best taste in your mouth. Our 18th release of the Club sublabel meets the main 4 responsibles of this story called Rawmatroid in a VA highly emotive and sentimental, that also has the personal covers design by Jon Garcia Rodriguez and a selection where every artist wanted to share old but special tracks, with a sound a little bit different to what we’ve got used to.

Imperfect Machines introduces “The Magician”, a track carefree, dreamy and beautiful, produced with the main premise to enjoy making music and sharing it. Arpeggios and reverbs that carry, undoubtedly, the essence and brand of the galizian producer.

“Cuando Se Pone De Puntillas” is the track that Frances Lerouge brings to this farewell album; continuing the previous colorist line, the also galizian producer retrieves an old composition that transports us to a funny percussive game in 115bpm, strong and cheerful perfect balanced.

With “T Sub-zero” (in Mathematics, the time when something begins) by the Saragossa native Kebiin, the album hits a little twist, going through the equator, as in one of the “sonic spatial takeoffs” that characterize the sound of this producer, takes us ¬†unavoidably to one of the atmospheres of the Kebiinian space.

The track chosen by James McConaghew could not have been better chosen to close this new chapter. “Musikalisch Freiheit” remained for years to exclusive listening in the walls of the Saragossa producer studio walls, this was the perfect opportunity to rescue this condensation of musical emotion and sincerity in a project review that finally see the light.

This closes a cycle in our way, VA – “Our Way” [rwclub018], and like that has been Rawmatroid, music made from the heart to share it. Thank you so much :)


  1. Imperfect Machines – The Magician
  2. Frances Lerouge – Cuando Se Pone De Puntillas
  3. Kebiin – T Sub-zero
  4. James McConaghew - Musikalisch Freiheit


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