The End

Jun 19, 2013   |   News

For anyone with curiosities and stories to tell, find a space where you can do it with freedom is perhaps one of the sensations that most closely approach to the concept of happiness and fulfillment. Share this space with others means amplify even more these feelings.

5 years ago James McConaghew  (one of the many pseudonyms behind the versatile David) involved their friends Kebiin (Sergio, borned in Zaragoza like the first, and partner on many other adventures, as the duo Distorsion Armonica that both created) and Frances Lerouge (Magin, a new musical mate situated in the other corner of the peninsula), his dream of running his own label. That was the beginning of this beautiful story in which one and the other ones, we have been encountered, having fun, learning, and specially, trully enjoying doing things exactly how we thought we should do them.

Music, content and form; caring and pampering the artist and his work, just as we would have liked to be treated. Texts and graphic designs that would strengthen the audible part, that add and support the author’s original concept of the music. At a time where the “do it yourself” was more close to us than ever, and in which the traditional paradigms of the music industry were already changing, Rawmatroid Netlabel borned as an independent label, relying on the concept of free culture and using internet as a platform.

Along the way we have grown as a family with Lefrenk and Jon Garcia, in charge of making the tracks sound better the first, and to finalize the works with great graphic designs the second one. A number of artists have also contributed their bit with their productions, participation in various showcases, photographs, video projections, etc. …A.G.M! & Qüintrix

  • alDDao
  • Ales Pardo
  • Alexandria
  • Armed
  • Astroboyz
  • Biconnection
  • Dan Hiroshi
  • David Granha
  • David Inexacte
  • Domagk
  • Erreome
  • Frances Lerouge
  • Hermann Reuland
  • James McConaghew
  • Javi Alvedro
  • John Axiom
  • Kebiin
  • Kinhos
  • Kino Internacional
  • Laszlo Hollyfield
  • Lefrenk
  • Mahoney
  • Miguel Arrieta
  • Nil_lo
  • Pablo Honey
  • Parasit vj
  • Pequena Suricata
  • Pitwo
  • Roi
  • SIC
  • Subsotano
  • Tech Amplifier
  • The Observer

Many hours of work, emails, chats, debates and ideas that have resulted in 23 references: 18 in the Rawmatroid Club sublabel and 5 in Class. In total, a lot of minutes of music that we shared with great affection and enthusiasm and that will be there forever already. This was our little dream come true, a place that, with the excuse of the musical, has served as a meeting point for a lot of creativity and have set up very good friendships beyond the artistic side.

At this point, after much thought and after five years of our first release, we believe it is the perfect time to close a cycle and therefore we want to say goodbye to Rawmatroid Netlabel leaving a good taste in your mouth and do it in a smart way. We do not know what comes next, only that this is the end of an era and we want to thank all of you who have supported the project one way or another: providing music, time, listening, mixing, spreading, giving us a place in our showcases, etc … Thank you so much!

We didn’t want to leave without releasing one last work, a special EP that will be released the next day :)

Greetings to everyone and thank you very much again for being there!