01. What is RAWMATROID netlabel?
RAWMATROID is an online records label that distribute music in internet using Creative Commons licenses.

02. How much does the music cost?
0. We share music for free.

03. What I can do with your music?
You can listen it, share it, mix it in your parties, play it on your radio….

04. What I can´t do with your music?
Sell it. All our tracks are protected under Creative Common licenses and you only can distribute these tracks in the same terms and conditions. We put some limitations to this terms. For example, if you are a professional dj you can mix our music in a club and you will recibe money for that, but you can´t record this set and sell it like a product. The musician is the legal owner of these track and you must talk with him and sign a legal contract.

05. How much money earns RAWMATROID?
0. We are a non-profit organization. We only want to distribute our music.

06. Can I send my demos?
Yes, of course. We will be glad to listen them.

07. Can I use your music in a video or multimedia production?
Always under Creative Commons licenses. If you are editing your holydais in the beach is not necesary to talk with the artist, but if you are going to put your video on Youtube (and other internet servers), you are going to play it on public, or it is a commercial production, you must contact with the artist.

08. How can I contact the artists?
You can contact directly in their websites or asking us in our contact form. We are not an intermediate. The artist will contact you.